激走!便座レース タイトルイメージ

激走!便座レース タイトルロゴ

Let's start Toilet Race!!

Benza Race, where the world's toilet racers compete to get the title of "The Toilet", is finally revealed.
Play on your PC and you will fully enjoy this Benza Race!
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Toilet operation

Paper Shot and killer technics:

Benza Racers have paper shots and killer technics by characters.
These technics can give you advantages on races.
However, the shots are limited, so you need to catch Onigiri (riceballs) on the street to charge the shots power.
Burst your shots at the critical timing!

Depict world wide courses:

You can enjoy the race courses such as the famous Toto Town, Hescatore Stadium, and Ben Joe Street!
These various courses have different characteristics, and you will see blocks, dogs, traps which makes racers trapped down!
Go over these hardships and be the revolutionary Hunbalt!

Benza Racers

Kouichi Kawaya


Kawaya from Japan is the most balanced racer. His powerful shots make other racers spinning and critical damage on their Toilet.
His killer technic is BEN-I Burst! BEN-I Burst requires full charged with onigiris as many as possible. More onigiris emit more powerful BEN-I Burst!

Gary Splash

Team:Ultra Shower(USA)

Gary from US is the most powerful racer with his bulk! Though the range of fire is not so wide, his Fire Bomb can explode to burn up other players!
His killer technic is a Powerful Tackle to beat down other racers! Play with his sledgehammer and be a destroyer!



Tumalino from Brulee1010, France, is "Speed" with his virtue. Curves and Breaks are not his friend.
You need to cover him with your technic on corners.
But his all-the-time beautiful shot surprisingly bursts towards three directions!
His killer technic is Barrier! Defend himself clean against barbarian racers.

Moreno Botton


Botton is clever Italian racer. His dash and turn are the best in the racers. Bustle and make other plaers palzzled!
He shots brown stuff on ground to disturb other racers! And this killer shot cause sick to them. Give this disturbing shot and make others sick!

Ben Hunbalt

Team:HUNBALT Hedelces(Germany)

Ben "the Sonic Striker" is a born to be F-1 racer! His sonic shots give others paralyzed. More hits make more paralyzed to others!
His killer technic is self-charging! More onigiris he gets more effective, and this effect lasts till the end of race!

Gekisou!Benza Race
Original Sound Track


A collection of music that excites the toilet race!


Since the「Gekisou!Benza Race」is the first online game that our creator team has created, there can be bugs in everywhere in this game.
Although we made every possible effort to improve the contents, some are still incomplete because of shortage of manpower. Unlike major creative companies, we are considerably lack of technologies and short of hands.
If you wish to improve our contents and services, we strongly recommend you to join our project as technical experts, or introduce those enthusiastic technical experts to us.
Lastly you may have other option that to invest us(Da-Soft) 1 million dollar, and there is possibility to solve underlying issues.
Your 1 million dollar may give us much more vitality, and it may be bringing amazing version ups.